About Us

Why Pens?

Who is that Man, who looks like St. Nick sitting next to a camper that looks like one of those Tiny Houses?  What is he doing with that machine on top of his campsite picnic table?  As I drew closer with childlike curiosity Charlie, that man, summoned me over and began showing me the basics of pen making from a rough cut piece of wood and a tray of mechanical parts.

I was truly blessed with a new passion from my encounter with Charlie, as well as others during a 2 week camping adventure.

Driven by this new passion and the timing being perfect for a new direction in my life, I withdrew from the construction trades and began the process of creating a pen making business.  I designed and built my own state of the art pen shop.  Once completed  I began making pens, building my skills and knowledge.  Currently I'm on my fifth year making pens.  This is now a full time pursuit for me thanks to the support of my Wife, Son and Friends.
Mission Statement

We will provide a diverse selection of fine writing instruments. Handcrafted to be mechanically sound and aesthetically appealing. We want to promote the art of pen making incorporating excellence in form and structure. We also believe that putting pen to paper is a more intimate form of expression with spiritual benefits.